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John Updike’s Advice to a Young Writer

It is instructive, I think, to read what various writers think are important steps to take in becoming a writer. Often it is affirming of what you already know but you just need to hear from someone else who’s been there before you.


E. L. Doctorow, The Art of Fiction No. 94, Paris Review

In the belief it’s best to refer to one’s favorite writers for advice, I give you E. L. Doctorow and The Art of Fiction. This man has written scenes and moments I have never been able to forget, or wanted to.


Ray Bradbury’s Advice to Young (and Old) Writers

I highly recommend this good advice by Ray Bradbury for all those who want to be writers, or are writers. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the filmed interview. Delightful viewing and good tips for the digital age. http://culturacolectiva.com/12-consejos-de-ray-bradbury-para-quienes-quieren-ser-escritores/